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A few more ideas

Hello everyone


We hope that you are all well and have enjoyed the Easter weekend.


Is is getting harder to think of things to do, so here's a list of holiday activities, hopefully you will find something you would like to do.  


Teddy Bear's Picnic.

Get your toys together and have a picnic with them.  It doesn't have to be real food, it could be food that you draw and cut out.  Make sure each bear has their favourite foods!


Water paint

You need a container for water and a brush or sponge.  An empty washing up liquid bottle is good for this too.  

Put water in the container.  Use your brush or sponge to paint pictures on the floor outside when it is dry.  Watch the water evaporate and paint another picture.


Obstacle course

Could you make an obstacle course in the garden?  Use anything you can find as a marker - a top - like people to in the park to make football nets.  Large towels or sheets are good for crawling under.  You could add an egg and spoon or carry a cup of water along with you.  Old pillow cases are good for sack races.  


Here's ours.  At the start line do 5 star jumps.  Then jog to a marker and turn around three times.  Walk sideways to the next marker and jump side to side 5 times.  Crawl under the sheet.  Jog to the final marker and make up your own celebration.  I'm sure that you will be able to make better courses than this.



Use any old sheets and towels and some pegs to make a den.  It could be in your garden or in your house.  You could decorate your den and make sure it is comfortable for you to sit or lay inside.


Junk modelling

Use up any old boxes or yogurt pots to make - a monster - a laptop - a house for a toy - a garage - a treasure chest - a dinosaur - a pirate ship - a new pet...


Read your favourite book.

Decorate biscuits.

Draw your favourite things.

Draw or write about the signs of spring that you can see around you.

Water plants.

Go on a minibeast hunt in your garden.  What insects can you find?  Where did you find them?  Can you draw them?

Play bingo - make your own game 


Play a board game

Have a movie night

Go for a walk with your grown ups 

Make a card to send to a friend - you can give them it later

Build the tallest tower using paper and selotape.


Have a look on the other classes pages on the website to see what other children have been up to too.


Let us know your ideas so we can add them to the list.


Please keep in touch with us - you can email us messages or send photos to our email addresses.  We would love to hear from you - we are missing our Year 1 class lots!


Take care

Mrs Hawkridge & Mrs Ledger