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If we can dream it ... we can do it!


Our art objective was to create a background using a colour wash. We used watercolour paints for the background and used acrylic paint to add detail on top. We used brushes in different ways to create different textures, and a cocktail stick in different ways to add details.

Tints and tones

We started off with white paint and very gradually, added in a tiny amount of colour and mixed it together. We then painted a curve. We repeated this until more and more colour filled the page.

For our Industrial Revolution topic, we have looked at L S Lowry, who was a famour artist from that time period. He liked to look at factories, houses and people within the area he lived in Manchester. We made a collage similar to his drawings. This involved using tints and tones for the background, drawing buildings and learning about putting them into perspective. We also draw some matchstick people in many different poses. We then layered up the collage and these are the finished products.