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If we can dream it ... we can do it!


Week Beginning 29/06/20


This week we would like you to research the flags of the countries in the UK. Use the sheets below to colour or you can draw them yourself.

Week beginning 20/04/20


Draw/paint a picture of the animal in your non chronological report. This could be on paper, in chalk on your garden path or, if you are really brave - on your window!

Week beginning 27/04/20


This week we would like to see pictures of all the foods you are missing while you are staying safe at home. You could paint, chalk or draw. If you fancy a challenge you could do a collage using different materials found around your home.

Week beginning 11/05/20


Linking to our Rainforest topic, this task is for you to design and draw your own Rainforest animal.

Week beginning 01/06/20


This week we are learning all about germs and staying healthy. There are good germs and bad germs. You will learn about some common germs this week. Can you find pictures of common germs on the internet? What do they look like? Choose one type of germ and have a go at drawing it.


One thing that has been very important to us all over the last couple of months in our family. I have attached a family portrait activity below - I'd love to see you have a go at creating your family portrait.

Week beginning 15/06/20


Linking to our Deserts theme, I have attached a couple of paper craft activities. Please send us some photos of your completed models.