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Big Read

In our Big Read sessions before we share the book I usually discuss some of the vocabulary in the book that they might not be familiar with.  In this session I want the children to read/listen to the story and pick out words that they are unsure of the meaning and then find out what they mean.  There might be clues in the sentence or images as to what the word means or you might have to help them along.  Examples of some of the words thrashed, dawdling, shoal, and peeped.  We do this to help children develop their understanding of vocabulary.


Choose a word, write it down and then draw or write what that word means.  Can you choose another word and do the same?


Enjoy the story.

Julia Donaldson : Tiddler - The Story Telling Fish


Reading for pleasure. 

Here is a story I thought you would enjoy.  If you could take an animal on the bus what would you choose?  Why?  

Story Time with Miss Gray - You can't take an elephant on the bus by Patricia Cleveland-Peck

Funny and crazy story which is illustrated by the illustrator of the Mr Gum books. Children will enjoy listening to this story which is filled with animals d...