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Big Write

Wednesday 16th September - What a strange door! Today we described the door. We are really working hard to improve our vocabulary - I think Year 3 have done a great job!

30th September - We have written character profiles today. When we do a big write, we turn down the classroom lights, listen to music that helps us concentrate and have a lavender scented flower to calm us.

14/10/20 - We wrote a diary entry from the point of view of a child being evacuated. This linked to our WW2 History topic and our class author book - The Lion and the Unicorn

02/12/20 - We wrote a story about a Christmas elf. We loved imagining what they might have got up to while we were asleep!

16/12/20 - We wrote instructions about getting ready for Christmas. We thought lots about using different openers to show order.