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Big Write

For todays big write I want you to be creative and write a story about a topic of your choosing.


On the BBC website it reminds us how to write stories.


  • Opening:

Introduce the hero/main character and set the scene.

The brave knight who lives on the peaceful side of a snow capped mountain.

  • Build up:

Introduce and build up the story. Perhaps there is a conflict or a mystery that needs to be solved?

The evil wizard has kidnapped the heir to the throne.

  • Problem:

Here, the story peaks. The main character faces a major problem, obstacle or dilemma.

A fire breathing dragon protecting the evil wizard’s lair.

  • Resolution:

The main character solves the problem in order to reach their goal. Make this unusual and interesting so it keeps your readers on their toes!

The knight fed the dragon the world’s most delicious sandwiches. In return the dragon destroyed the evil wizard’s clothes so that he ran away due to embarrassment!


  • Ending:

The conclusion where everything is resolved. Keep it interesting and add an unexpected twist!


Work through the tasks on the BBC website and then write your own story which I would like you to make as interesting and creative as you can. 


This is your chance to impress as I am giving you the license to write about what ever you find interesting and also have the freedom to write which ever story genre you like.