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Children's work

In our first Big Write in year 4 we wrote a story from a video clip we watched in class called 'something fishy'. 

We recapped VCOP and tried hard to use this to improve our independent writing. 

You could have a go at home at writing a new fantasy story with a real world trigger like the washing machine in the film which allows a journey to the fantasy land. The journey to the fantasy land may be very quick or may take a while; it may be pleasant or unpleasant - there are lots of examples in Harry Potter some of them seem very unpleasant. Think carefully about the words you choose to describe the fantasy land as well as a problem that might occur while your character is there. Finally, your story must end with your character returning to the real world.  There is a link to the short film we watched below. 

Examples of children's writing

We really enjoyed writing a spooky setting description of a haunted mansion. Our mission was to scare Mrs Marsden when she was reading them. Together we thought of as many WOW words as we could using the thesaurus to help us extend our range of vocabulary. Our most frightening words were 'ominous' 'sinister' 'vicious' 'flesh eating' and 'eerie'. 


Here are some of our super sentences: 

The haunted house that looked like it had been there for years was deserted and abandoned.  - Jamie

All I can hear is the haunted house is creaking floorboards and ominous footsteps.  - Eva 

As I crept to the door, I black cat same darting towards me, I was in shock and fainted to the floor.  - Lily 

The dark, eerie hallways are filled with hairy tarantulas and blood sucking vampires. - Ryan

There was a short cut home so I walked through the spooky graveyard' - Ellie-Jo

I can hear petrifying footsteps and its like a nightmare come true. - Evie H 


In Geography we have been learning about Europe and capital cities. In our Big Write session we applied all our knowledge to write a factual report. Here are some of our reports. 
In literacy we have been looking at explanation texts, we have looked at their features and written some expamples using flowcharts. In Big Write we have written an explanation of Quiddich as we are currently reading Harry Potter in class.