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Children's work

We are reading the ‘How to train a dragon’ seres by Cressida Cowell. In Big Write we have written the opening of a story where we discover a dragon in our garden. Some of the WOW words we picked out are show below.

Sophie really impressed us with her sentence she unlevelled.

The stunning yet furious silhouetted figure of a dragon has red spotless scales covering its body and was gigantic.’

In geography we have been learning about Europe and capital cities. We used is new learning to help us to write a non-chronological report.

In literacy we have been reading the legend of Beowulf. We have really enjoyed this text and have been able to use lots of interesting vocubulary, story language and sentece openers in our writing. In this Big Write session we retold the beginning of the story. 

In history out topic is ‘The Victorians’. We have learn all about Queen Victoria, her family, her reign and what times were like while she mas Monarch. We used all our knowledge to produce a report about her. We were able to include lots of interesting facts.  

In Big Write this week we have been describing Hagrid from Harry Potter. We are really enjoying Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone. Here are some of the WOW words and phrased we used to describe him:

Long tangles of bushy black hair

Hands the size of dustbin lids

Kind sparkly blue eyes

Tirelessly loyal




Truly gentle giant

This week in Big Write we have been describing a haunted house, using WOW words we have been collecting throughout the week. Mrs Marsden was really impressed with how all the children were pushing themselves to use new words to make their writing more interesting. 

We read The Twits as our focus books for Roald Dahl day. We worked in groups to think of lots aWOW words to describe Mr Twit, using the thesaurus to up level our word choices. Some of the best words we found were:







We then used these words to write a character description of Mr Twit, everyone worked hard to use interesting words. Could you have a go at describing Mrs Twit at home?

Ambitious vocabulary

Tree trunk legs, muscular

Moves rapidly and dodges side to side in an instant

Thunderous growl like a storm

Colossal like a mountain

Elegant, fragile wings

Soars gracefully into the crystal clear sky

Extremely strong skin, as tough as armour

Scaly, slimy skin which feels snakeskin

Black, beady eyes that see in the blackest of night

Large, steaming  nostrils that breathe out poisonous gas

Lives in gloomy, eerie woods

He like the flesh or just killed human

As we are reading How to Train your Dragon, We looked at lots of descriptions of dragons and gathered lots of great vocabulary. We then tried to use it on our own descriptions.

Linked to our class book, How to Train your Dragon, we wrote some instructions explaining how to catch a dragon. We used a thesaurus to find other words to use better than ealked and used fronted adverbials and the imperative verb too,