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Children's work and photos

To all our lovely children, 

Thank you for being superstars this year! We will miss you but we know you will be amazing in Year 2! 

Love from Mrs Ledger and Mrs Hawkridge


July 2020

As we approach the end of term, it is lovely to see all the fabulous activities that you are doing at home!

June 2020

It is so lovely to see all the wonderful things you are all doing at home! Keep up the good work. 

Amazing art work!

May 2020

Another exciting and busy month for the Radiant Rainbow Fish! A massive happy birthday to Brodie and Logan this month! 

Super silly sentences!

Another exciting week in this household! A birthday, a visit from the tooth fairy and best of all finding out that he's getting a baby brother! 

What a busy week! We are loving seeing how much you are enjoying your learning at home! 

A lovely walk in the woods, learning about the different seasons and how the plants change in each season. 

Excited to get started with her book week activities. First up, design a new front cover for your book! I think you'll agree this is an excellent front cover! 
April 2020

What a busy week! Making a fanastic card for Captain Tom, ready for his birthday at the end of the week!

The ice experiment was a success too. Sonny put his ice in the sun and Theo put his in the shade.

Sonny thought his melted quickly because the sun was very hot that day! Amazing Geography work too, naming the countries of the UK. Sonny also used Safe Search Kids to do some research on the different kinds of butterfly’s that he saw on his walk. 

There's some great maths work happening!
Practising her amazing writing! 
A visit from the Tooth Fairy and a super Easter egg hunt!  
Another busy week! You have motivated me to wash my car too! 
Busy on Bug Club this week. We are loving your costume too! 

March 2020

Lots of fabulous, fun activities happening in this household! We are loving all the crafts!
Another busy week and another super dinosaur! 
Here is a picture of my dinosaur. He is a Pringosaurus. He likes to eat left over fish from penguins and he doesn’t like healthy food because he is made out of Pringle’s. His favorite thing to do is play games and grab people with his little arms and claws.
Making a start on her diary for this week.  Also practising the year 1 and 2 common exception words. Keep up the good work!
Learning lots and having fun!  I hope you enjoyed eating your home made treats.  Your Easter crafts look brilliant and I can see you working with some tricky numbers on the laptop.  Well done - keep up the amazing work!
More super fun learning.  I can see that you are working hard with your maths work, learning about the Easter story and enjoying some playtime outside.  Another talented baker in our class!  The brownies look delicious!    

Revisiting shape knowledge and planting beetroot seeds! Yummy! 

Enjoying playing maths games at home this week!
Hunting for materials in the garden this week,  practising spellings, building with Lego and keeping fit!