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Christmas Celebrations

We will learn about why Christmas is special for Christians all over the world, as well as exploring some of the ways in which they celebrate this religious festival, both in the UK and across the globe.

22 November 2021


We thought about what a celebration is and identified some of the major religious festivals of world religions. We thought about the features of some common celebrations, including birthdays and weddings, and described some of the different ways in which people celebrate religious and nonreligious occasions.

23 November 2021


We read the story of the nativity together. We learnt about the key events and characters in the story and thought about why the birth of Jesus is so important to Christians. We then retold the story in our big writing lesson.

24 November 2021


We recapped the story of the nativity and identified exactly what Christians are celebrating at Christmas.  We explored some of the different ways Christians celebrate, including going to church services, singing carols, putting up Christmas trees and giving presents.  We then wrote a letter to Sam who knew nothing about how Christians celebrate Christmas.