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Colour Chaos

Piet Mondrian
We have learnt about how Piet Mondrian used primary colours to create his abstract art. Primary colours are the 'first colours' and can't be made by mixing any other colours together. The primary colours are red, blue and yellow.
We created Mondrian collages using primary colours. We also made Mondrian Lego and choose primary colours to create artwork using paint. We have had a very busy week becoming artists! 
Mark Rothko
After we had learnt about primary colours, we developed our knowledge of colour by learning how we can make secondary colours by mixing the primary colours. We practised this as a skill first, before using our new skills to create a colour field painting in the style of Mark Rothko. We thought carefully about how we were feeling and then chose colours to reflect our mood, as Mark Rothko did when he created his abstract art. 

Paul Klee

Paul Klee was an innovative abstract artist. He often used colours and shapes in his paintings to portray his mood. Can you tell how he was feeling when he craeted these pieces of art? 

We created our own abstract art based on 'The castle and the sun' one of Paul Klee's most famous pieces. We used our knowledge of colour mixing to create the colours that reflected our mood as well as the neutral colours black and white to create tints of the colours that we mixed. 

Click on the links below to see our amazing work.