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Colour Chaos

Colour Chaos is all about choosing, using and mixing our own colours to create quality art work that shows progression in skills.  We will explore the life and work of three abstract artists and, working primarily in paint, create pieces of artwork in a range of abstract styles.


We are learning about Jackson Pollock.  He used shading to change colours from light to dark.  He used these colours to express his feelings.

We learnt how to make shades by adding black to colours.

Jackson Pollock invented drip painting.  He would use different tools to drip, pour and splatter paint onto the canvass from above.

Our next artist is Robert Delaunay. He developed a new style of painting that uses very bright colours and lots of simple shapes like circles, triangles and squares. 

Red, orange, and yellow are warm colours.  They make us think of sunny, warm and cosy things.  Warm colours are often used to paint happy pictures.  Green, blue and purple are cool colours. They make us think of fresh, calm and chilly things. Cool colours are often chosen to paint sad pictures.


Our challenge was to create a painting using warm and cool colours in the style of Robert Delaunay.


This week we explored the work of Wassily Kandinsky, a Russian Artist who painted in colours and shapes.

We mixed colours, tints and shades to create a circles painting in the style of Kandinsky.