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If we can dream it ... we can do it!


Today's lesson is all about understanding how companies try to sell you things while you are online. Work through the slides then, when it says to go online and look through websites, just write down some times when you can remember adverts popping up in the past. Has something popped up while you play a game? When you were searching for a new toy? Watching you tube?


If we were doing this at school I could let you go online safely as we have content blockers on our school laptops. As you are at home I don't want you to explore the internet and see adverts that might not be age appropriate. Just do your best with what you can remember. See if your adults at home can remember times they might have seen adverts.


On the back of the sheet (or written in your workbook) write down your ideas on if you think it's fair to target children with adverts.