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Week commencing 11 May


Find me a Photo

Photographs are used in lots of different ways in artworks.  Sometimes the colours are changed; in other types of art the picture is duplicated so that you have more than one version.  Photography is even recognised as art on its own.  I want you to take either a portrait or landscape picture and, if you have a printer, use your computer skills to print it out on paper.

Week commencing 27 April


This week I want you to learn how to send information safely.  Ask a grown up to help and show you how to send me an email telling me all about what learning you have done this week.

Week commencing 6 April


As we are all spending much more time online we need to help our children to learn about staying safe online.  

There are lots of websites to help teach children about staying safe online.  This is a great video to watch with your children which illustrates the 5 internet safety SMART rules.


I challenge you to make a poster about staying safe online.  Remember to ask a grown up to send me a photo of your poster by email.

Week commencing 30 March


Check out Discovery Education Coding and complete units 2a and 2b for year 2.  If you need to refresh your skills, try the starter unit first.


Username - student27480

Password - coding