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Design and Technology

Week commencing 22 June


Over the next few weeks, we will doing a new design and technology topic.  We will be practising the important skill of cutting and we will make a range of paper toys.  You will have the opportunity to create some mind-boggling optical illusions.


Our first lesson is developing your cutting skills.  You will learn about scissor safety and then practise cutting straight, zigzag and wavy lines. You will apply this skill in your independent activities where you will cut out a range of shapes to create a picture.  As a challenge, you can practise the skills of folding and cutting through several layers of paper by making paper chains.


Click on the slides before you have a go at the activity.

Now practise your cutting skills with these activities.

Week commencing 8 June


The design museum has lots of design and technology activities for you to do at home.  Click on the photo link below and it will take you straight to the website. 

Week commencing 4 May


Everyone has been sending me lots of lovely baking and cooking photos so I thought that I would put some recipes here for everyone to have a go at.  I can't wait to see what you've created!