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If we can dream it ... we can do it!


Week Beginning 20/04/20


As part of our Animals topic, we would like you to make a bird feeder this week! I have attached a step by step example but please feel free to research this yourself. I know we are all using things we have around the house and in our cupboards so use your imagination and see what you come up with!

We would love to see you make a junk model of an animal - it could be the one you have written a report on or something different. I've seen some elephants made from plasic milk bottle on the internet - what will you create? 

Week beginning 27/04/20


This week our topic is food. This is your chance to wow us wth photos of all your cooking and baking! If you bake biscuits can you design different toppings for different people? You could do rainbow designs to say thank you to the NHS, or something that represents your football team to make them smile and show you are looking forward to seeing them again.


Be creative - draw your designs and then take a picture of the finished product.


I'm looking forward to seeing them!

Week beginning 18/05/20


This week we would like you to make a model of a Rainforest and the animal you designed. You can use anything you can find around the house - or you could collect things when you go out for your exercise. 


Have fun with this task - I know you will create some masterpieces!

Seeing as cocoa beans come from the Rainforest - why don't you have a go at making your own chocolate! Can you a design a wrapper and an advert for your product? The sheet below is for guidance only - don't worry if you don't have all these ingredients - you can just melt some chocolate and add different things to it to create a new bar. Goo ideas are dried fruits, nuts or millions!

Week beginning 08/06/20


Below is a paper model of a volcano that you can cut out and stick together. If you are feeling adventurous you could make a model using whatever you can find around the house!