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Monday 6th April 2020 would be the first day of the Easter school holiday.

As always, we want you to have lots of fun at Easter time.

There are some ideas on this page for you to try that don't use lots of equipment, as it isn't easy to get hold of things right now.  For the craft activities we've used paper, pencils, felt pens, scissors and sellotape or a glue stick.  It would be lovely to see any photographs of what you get up to during Easter.

Have a lovely time.


Take lots of care.


Mrs Hawkridge & Mrs Ledger 



The Easter Story
Easter Bunny Song and Dance

Easter Card Ideas - instructions

Other ideas


Decorate a boiled egg - you could make one of your favourite characters.


An egg and spoon race - you could use a boiled or chocolate egg.


Egg rolling is another Easter tradition.  Could you have an egg rolling race?  You could make a small ramp from cardboard.  


Watch an Easter movie - like Hop.


Have a picnic with your teddy bears.


Read stories together.


Find facts out about Easter.


Design your dream Easter egg.