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Easter Activities

Easter Activities

  • Create an Easter cards for a family member and write your name inside the card.
  • Decorate a hard-boiled egg and then use this for an egg rolling competition with your family to see whose egg will roll the furthest.
  • Create an Easter bonnet or hat and then use this to create a fashion show for your family.
  • Create an Easter egg hunt for someone in you family. Can you think of some verbal clues to give?
  • Draw an Easter egg with a pattern on and stick this in your window. Continue the ‘Neighbourhood Window Walk’ and look to see if you can see any other Easter eggs in windows.
  • Create a rabbit headband that you can wear so you can pretend to be the Easter Bunny.
  • Experiment with making a real egg bounce and make an egg float.
  • Make a chocolate crispy nest for a chick.
  • Have an egg and spoon race.
  • Have a go at learning this Easter song. Can you learn the words and the actions?