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Easter Beginnings

We will find out about the last few days of Jesus’ life, his death and his resurrection.  We will take part in some exciting activities and think about what Easter means to Christians, how Christians prepare for Easter as well as exploring various Easter traditions.

1 March 2021


  • I know there are four seasons in a year.
  • I know that spring is a time of new life for plants and animals.
  • I know about Easter.

2 March 2021


  • I can retell the Easter story.
  • I can explain why Christians believe the Easter story has a happy ending.
  • I can share part of the Easter story that makes me feel happy.


3 March 2021


  • I can explain how Christians prepare for Easter.
  • I understand what Lent is.
  • I understand what Christians think about during Lent.

5 March 2021


  • I can recall the different Easter traditions.
  • I can describe the different Easter traditions.
  • I understand why these traditions are important to some people at Easter time.