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If we can dream it ... we can do it!


With Easter coming up in the next few weeks, here are some Easter activities that you could do at home


  • Can you create an Easter card for someone in your house? Can you write the inside of the card by yourself?
  • Can you decorate a hard boiled egg? You could then use this and have an egg rolling competition with other people in your house. Whose egg rolled the furthest? How could you make it roll even more?
  • Can you make an Easter bonnet and then have a fashion show for the people in your house?
  • Can you create an Easter egg hunt for someone in you family and think of some verbal or written clues to give?
  • Can you draw an Easter egg with a pattern on and stick this in your window? Continue the ‘Neighbourhood Window Walk’ and look to see if you can see any other Easter eggs in windows.
  • Can you create a rabbit headband that you can wear so you can pretend to be the Easter Bunny?
  • Can you experiment and make a real egg bounce and make an egg float?
  • Can you make a chocolate crispy nest for a chick?
  • Can you have an egg and spoon race?
  • Can you learn this Easter song? We can all sing it together with the actions when we come back to school.