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Week Commencing Monday 18th May


Keep practicing all the animals names and making simple sentences with them.

Play one of the games below. there is a cut and match or a four in a row.


Week Commencing Monday 11th May


As we are looking at living things in science, let's have a go at learning some names of insects. Can you draw and write a simple sentence in French about one of the insects using your vocabulary mat from last week?


les insectes

la coccinelle ladybug
le papillon butterfly
l’abeille (f) bee
le mille-pattes centipede
le scarabée beetle
la fourmi ant
la mante religieuse praying mantis
la mouche fly
la moustique mosquito
la puce flea
la sauterelle grasshopper
le frelon hornet
l’araignée spider
le cafard cockroach
la guêpe wasp

Week commencing Monday 4th May


  • Keep practicing the names of the different animal and making sentences up with the words.
  • Watch the cartoon. Can you understand any of the French words or phrases?


  • listen to the song of old MacDonald. Can you recognise any of the animals?


  • Have a go at the sheet and wordsearch

Week commencing Monday 27th April



Can you remember animals in french? Watch this video to practice and then use the mat to revise some old french vocabulary to write some sentences.