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In French today children have been learning how to say hello at different times of day. They learnt 4 phrases with actions, played games using their new language and then created some rainbow writing to help learn the spellings. C’était fantastique! 

In French today, we looked at how Christmas was celebrated in France and then we made our own Christmas cards.

This week in French, Year 3 have been learning about the French tradition of 'Poissons d'Avril' - April's Fish. The children listened to and followed instructions entirely in French before creating their own poissons and playing tricks on each other.
In year 3, we've been learning to say how old we are in French. We learnt a song to help us and then wrote our age in a sentence. C'était formidable!

Quel âge as-tu?

Comment t'appelles-tu?

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Today children learnt to exchange their names in French. Cétait incroyable!

Today in our French lesson we created our very own coloriages magiques d'Elmer. We read the story 'Elmer' in French before finding the colours. We then combined our new learning of colours with our learning of numbers from previous weeks to create our own Elmers. C'était formidale! 


Calculations in French

This week year 3 have been applying their learning of the numbers to 10 by doing additions and subtractions in French. C'était difficile! 

Counting to 10 in French

Today year 3 have been learning to count to 10 in French. They've learnt a song to help them remember their numbers and they played matching games too. C'était super!

Le Tour de France and our opinions on cycling

Today in their French lesson, year 3 learnt all about the Tour de France and the different coloured jerseys. Even better, they can now give their opinions on cycling. Bravo!

Our first French lesson - Paris and La Tour Eiffel

Year 3 really impressed Madame Brittain with their learning this week. 

The Magnificent Meteorites really enjoyed reading Barnaby Bear's Day Trip to Paris and exploring famous Parisian monuments. Then, they followed step by step instructions (some were even in French!) to create their very own drawings of the Eiffel Tower. C'était fantastique!