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Fun Friday 12.02.21

Fun Friday! - No Screens Allowed - Except from this one to give you some ideas of things to do.

Here is a story to enjoy for our special day.  We hope you enjoy it.

Ice Art


You could have a go at making a piece of art with ice and things you find around your garden or collect on a winter walk.


You need 

A container that you don't need anymore - if you haven't got a container you could make one out of foil - it just needs to be able to hold water.  



1. Collect leaves leaves and twigs.


2. Put them in the bottom of the container.  Position them where you want them to freeze.


3. Carefully pour a small amount of water on top of the leaves.  If you do this really slowly you'll have more chance of keeping the pieces in place.  The water needs to be around 1cm deep.  Too thin and it will break, too thick and it won't freeze all the way through.  


4. Put your container outside overnight to freeze.  Choose the coldest place in your garden - don't put it next to your house or in a sheltered area.


5. The next day check if your art work has frozen.  Tap it carefully to get it out of the containe

A story to enjoy at the end of the day.  You already know this one - enjoy!