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Friday 13.11.20

Friday 13.11.20


Good Morning


Timetable - please click on the lesson icons to access your learning.  Some Children in Need activities are at the bottom of the page today.  We'll have a special day in school as soon as we can to make out for missing out today.   






Playtime - go outside if the weather is good - why don't you go on a bug hunt?  Have a look around for places where insects might hide.  Remember to put everything back as it was because that is there home.  If the weather isn't good try and do some exercise with Joe Wicks.  




Story time - snuggle up with a story - read your favourite story with an adult.  








Reading time - Read your school book or a Bug Club book with an adult.  Remember to sound out unfamiliar words but try and read our tricky words by sight.  


Throughout the day children are given the opportunity to choose their own learning too.  You may wish to count different objects - coins, pencils, sweets and work out what is one less or one more.  You could design your own hand puppet like you have been doing in DT.  You could write letters in lower and uppercase using different colours. 


You could always practise writing your numbers making sure they are the correct way around.  There are lots of books on Bug Club that you could read and I know you love answering the bug questions.  


Please send any photos to Mrs Hawkridge 


Have a lovely day


Mrs Hawkridge