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Friday 13th November

Children in Need 2020

  • Please have a look at the Children in Need website 2020 and choose some activities to do. The Joe Wicks PE challenge looks lots of fun - we can wear our sports kits and join in with Joe Wicks.
  • I have put a link to the BBC Children in Need day website below - please have a look. 
  • Draw a picture of Pudsey Bear and ask your parent to email me a picture of this.
  • Have a fun day at home.

Session 1 - Literacy

  • We are going to focus on reading and discussing stories read in our own words. Choose a book either from your collection at home or on your Bug Club accounts.
  • Before you start to read look at the cover and predict what you think the story will be about. 
  • Next use the words that we focus on in school when reading i.e. cover, spine, author, illustrator and blurb. 
  • What can you see on the cover of the book? Can you see the name of the author and the illustrator? Is there any blurb at the back of the book? Ask your adult to read the blurb to you. Can you point to the spine?
  • As you read the book with your adult, look at the illustrations and use your own words to talk about what is happening.
  • Try and use your phonic skills to sound out some of the words as you read. Can you spot any of our tricky words as you read? 
  • After reading talk about the story with your adult. Who were the main characters? What happened at the beginning of the story? How did the story end? Can you re-tell the story with the events in the right order?
  • Give your own opinions about the story - did you enjoy it? Have you got a favourite part of the story? Was there anything about the story that you didn't like?
  • Draw a picture of the main characters or a key event from the story. Try and sound out your own words as you write labels to accompany your pictures.
  • Discuss and explore the meaning of new words.
  • Please find below some useful to questions to use during your reading session.
  • Happy reading everyone - enjoy your story and remember to talk about it using your own words.

Session 2 - Phonics

  • Sing the alphabet song - say the letter names as you sing along.
  • Say the letter sounds as you sing along with the phonics song.
  • We are going to be learning the new sound - qu. Think of words that start with this sound i.e. quiz, quit, quick, quack.
  • Write the words and then read them together.
  • Read the words on from our tricky word list. Have a go at spelling the words: to & the. Remember they have tricky bits in them!
  • Use the tricky word song to help you remember these words.
Session 3 - Mathematics
  • Share some of the counting back rhymes that we sang yesterday. Use your own digits to take away 1 each time as you sing the different rhymes i.e. 5 currant buns, 5 little speckled frogs etc.
  • Remember the subtraction vocabulary we have been using all week. Sing along with pirates as they take away, to remind yourselves of the subtraction words.
  • Ask your adult to write some subtraction number sentences. Use your own digits or objects around your home to help you find how many are left.
  • Remember to use some of these words: minus, subtract, take away, leaves, less
  • Have a go at writing some of your own number sentences and read these to your adult.
An enormous well done for working so hard at home Reception children. A big well done and a thank-you to all your parents too. Take care everyone.