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Friday 20th November

Christmas Preparations

We are all getting excited about Christmas. I am looking forward to decorating my house and putting up our tree. This year we are going to have a tree outside our EYFS entrance. We thought it would be nice if we made some decorations to put on our tree. If you would like to have a go at doing some decorations at home, that would be great. Please do paper decorations and then we are able to laminate them, so they will be weatherproof. We will also be making decorations when we return to school - I'm really looking forward to this.


I know some of you have started making your Christmas cards already. It's great to send cards to our friends and families. Remember this year to hand your cards to a class adult and we can then keep them safe and hand them out before the Christmas holiday. Please remember to bring all cards into school before the 11th December. Remember to keep things extra safe please don't lick the envelopes to seal. 


Writing little messages inside your cards is a great way to practise your writing skills too. I have noticed lots of you are now writing your names with all the letters formed correctly. 


We have also put our Christmas songs our page, so you can have the opportunity to practise these at home. We are going to be learning:

  • Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
  • Build a Snowman
  • Little Donkey


Session 1- Literacy

  • We are thinking about 'Families' and special occasions. I have allocated a book on your Bug Club accounts, 'Dave's Big Day' by Emma Lynch. Use your personal login details to access Bug Club and you will see the book.
  • This is another non-fiction book. Discuss the features that a non-fiction book has i.e. contents page, photographs, headings etc. 
  • Read the title. Do you know what a 'big day' means. Explain that it can mean a day that is exciting, special or unusual.
  • Can you guess what Dave's big day might be? Discuss your predictions with your adult.
  • Read the book with your adult. Have a go at blending some of the words as you read. Look out for any tricky words as you read - remember we can't sound out these words as they have tricky bits in them.
  • Read up to Page 3 and then discuss why it is Dave's 'big day'. Were your predictions correct?
  • As you read click on the Bug icon to answer the different questions.
  • After reading could you draw pictures of all the things that are special about birthdays i.e. cards, family and friends, presents, parties, cake and special food. 
  • Try and write labels next to your pictures.
  • Can you write down the date of your birthday? How old will you be on your next birthday? 

Session 2 - Phonics

  • Can you revise the sounds we have covered this week: sh, ch, th, ng?
  • Can you say these sounds and then write them down?
  • Can you remember the list of words we have made each day for each digraph?
  • Read the words on these lists. can you think of anymore words to add to your list?
  • Sing the tricky word song to help you remember these words.
  • If you can read the words, then have a go at spelling the words. Ask your adult to write simple sentences i.e. I went to the park.
  • Read each sentence and then underline or highlight the tricky words. 
  • Sing the phonics song to remind you of all the sounds we have learnt so far.
  • Well done Reception children for your super phonics learning at home. I am really impressed by the work you have been doing at home.

Session 3 - Mathematics

  • We are focussing on 2D shapes - we will be naming the shapes and talking about their properties.
  • Click on the shape song below to help you learn the shape names.
  • Can you have a go at drawing a circle, rectangle, square and triangle?
  • Talk about the properties of each shape with your adult as you draw.
  • Remember to use some of the key shape vocabulary as you draw your shapes i.e. corner, sides, edge, same length, straight, curved, points
  • Yesterday we went on a shape hunt around our homes. Can you remember some of the shapes that you found? Can you name them?
  • Can you go another shape hunt today around your homes? Did you find any different shapes today?
  • Use the song below to look at shapes all around us and to know that shapes are evrywhere.
  • Notice all the shapes around you. Name the shapes as you see them.


A great big well done to you all for 2 weeks of super home learning. Thank-you to all your parents for supporting your learning and for keeping in regular contact. I have loved seeing pictures of your amazing work each day. 


I have missed seeing you all and I'm so excited about seeing you all back in class on Monday morning. Take care everyone and have a lovely weekend.