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Friday 5th February

Good Morning and Daily Timetable

Good Morning and Timetable

Session 1 - Literacy

Special Mentions Assembly with Mrs Grainger-Roystone

Session 2 - Phonics

Session 3 - Topic Work

Session 4 - Singing

Session 5 - Story



We are all so proud and impressed with your home learning and a big thank-you to you all for sending me your super pictures. We are missing you so much and that's why we love seeing your photographs and pictures of your work. Please watch the video below as I have asked all the staff at Ladywoood to send you their biggest smiles. Try and name all the staff members as you see them in the video.


Today we are going to talking all about our feelings and emotions and especially thinking about the things that make us feel happy.


I hope you all have a super day and enjoy the activities we have for today. 

Sending a smile from Ladywood Staff

Session 1 - Literacy

  • We are going to start by listening to the story, 'The Colour Monster' by Anna Llenas. This story is about a monster who has lots of different emotions and matches these to different colours. Listen to the story on the video below.

'The Colour Monster' by Anna Llenas

  • After reading the story and hearing about all the different emotions that the colour monster felt, I wonder if we can talk about our own emotions with our adults. Think of something that makes you feel happy, cross, calm etc. Try and name the different emotions as you talk with your adult.
  • Draw a picture of one of these emotions and tell me how you are feeling i.e. Going for a walk makes me feel calm.
  • It's always important to discuss our feelings and emotions. Watch the video below as Mrs McQuillan and Mrs Greene talk about their feelings.

Talking about feelings and emotions

  • We would love to hear about the things that make you feel happy. Please let us know - maybe you could draw a picture of these things.
  • Remember to keep doing the things that make you feel happy. Going for a walk makes me feel happy and calm, so every evening and weekends I make sure I go for a walk.
Special Mentions Assembly with Mrs Grainger-Roystone - Go to our assemblies folder to watch the video for our special mentions for this week.

Session 2 - Phonics

  • Click on the song below and sing the letter names.
  • Learn the digraph sounds by singing along to the song below.
  • Let's revise the sound 'ng'. Watch the video below and see the 'ng' sound in words.

Look at the 'ng' digraph in words

  • Use the lists of tricky words to practise reading and spelling these words. Try and use some of the words in a sentence. 
Lunch Time - I hope you have a lovely lunch everyone and you are eating something that makes you feel happy.

Session 3 - Topic Work

  • You are all AMAZING and in our afternoon session we are going to be talking about all the things we are really good at.
  • It's always important to feel good about ourselves and to celebrate the things that we are really good at. Discuss with your adult the things that you are really good at. 
  • In our class we have children who are fabulous artists, we have children who are really good at building models, some children are great at dancing, some children are really good at climbing and some are really skilled when riding a bike, playing football or throwing and catching. What are you really good at?
  • Miss Wilding is fabulous with technology, Mrs Spialek is a superb artist, Mrs Heeley is really good at sewing, Mrs Haynes is great at baking and Mrs Greene is a brilliant gardener. What are your strengths?
  • Please send me a picture or a photograph, showing me the things that you are really good at.
  • We all have things that we need to practise and skills that we need to improve. However, it's always good to do the things that you enjoy and those things that you are good at.

Session 4 - Singing

  • Choose some of your favourite songs and music. Sing along, dance and be happy.

Session 5 - Story

  • Let's enjoy an end of day story. I love to read books, it always makes me feel happy.

'In My Heart' by Jo Witek