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Friday 8th January

Daily Timetable

Session 1 - Literacy

Learning Break

Session 2 - Phonics


Session 3 - Mathematics

Learning Break

Session 4 - Singing

Session 5 - Storytime

Session 1 Literacy

  • We are going to be looking in more detail at the story, 'Eat Your Peas' by Nick Sharratt and Kes Gray. 
  • We read this story yesterday in our story time session. Can you discuss with your adult the events in the story? You will find a link to the story below.
  • Read the story again with your adult and then try and answer these questions; What did Mum say before dinner time? What did Daisy always when she saw the little green balls on her plate? Mum promised Daisy lots of things if she would eat her peas, can you recall some of these things? Which was the food, that Mum didn't like? What made both Mum and Daisy happy at the end of the story?
  • Can you draw a picture of some of the things that Mum promised Daisy? Ask and adult to help you write a label or caption to accompany your picture.
  • Which foods do you like to eat? Which foods DON'T you like? Use a full sentence when talking with your adult i.e. I like to eat fish and I don't like mashed potato.
  • Can you write a list of foods that you like and those that you don't and ask your adult to email this to me?

Learning Break - try some of the activities in the learning break folder.





Session 2 Phonics

  • We are going to start our phonics by looking at our tricky words. Click on the link below to sing the tricky words.
  • Now try reading the tricky words on the lists below.
  • We are going to try and spell the tricky words on the Phase 2 sheet - I, go, no, the, to, into
  • Remember which is the tricky part of each word. Look at a word on the Phase 2 list, say the word, then cover it and try to spell it correctly. 
  • We are going to say the sounds that we have been learning. Say the each sound on the mat below. Think of a word that begins with the sound i.e. a is for apple, b is for boat, c is for cat.
  • Try and write some of the letters with the correct sequence of movements.
  • Try and think of some words that have the digraphs ff, ll or ss at the end i.e. bell, huff, hiss etc ? Can you write a list of these words?


Lunch Break - Hope everyone has a lovely lunch and you are eating foods that you like. I hope you are looking happy with your food unlike Daisy in the story, 'Eat Your Peas'.



Session 3 Mathematics

  • We have been learning about number lines this week and how we can use these to jump forwards when adding 2 numbers. I have been particularly impressed with the number line work I have seen in school and those emailed in from home.
  • We are going to start by saying the numbers in order from 0 to 10 and then up to 20. Next do some actions as you count i.e. clap, jump, click your fingers as you say each number.
  • We are going to write our number line from 0 to 10. Try and write each number with the correct sequence of movements.
  • Write some addition number sentences and use your number line to find the total. Remember to jump forwards and to count carefully the jumps when moving along your number line. Which number did you land on?
  • Ask your adult to email me some pictures of your number line work.

Learning Break 


Session 4 Singing

  • We are going to sing some number songs today in this session. Click on the songs below to and enjoy singing along. Try and do any actions too.

Session 5 - Story time

  • Click on the link below to enjoy another story by Nick Sharratt
  • Once again Timothy Pope takes his favourite toy, a telescope to the park. This time he goes on a windy day. He keeps thinking he can see a shark in the park. What things did he see this time? Can you talk with your adult about the things that he saw.
Well done Reception children. Another fabulous learning day and I have really enjoyed seeing work at school and from home. I am really enjoying our Nick Sharratt stories and I am pleased to hear that you are too.