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Friday 8th January


For the next few weeks in Maths, we are going to be looking at numbers.

  • Have a look around and go on a Number Hunt.
    • Where have you found some numbers?
    • Do you recognise any of the numbers?
    • Draw a picture of somewhere that you have found some numbers.
  • Remember, numbers are everywhere. You can find numbers in your house, in the garden or even when you are out on your daily exercise by looking at cars, signs and houses.


This Half Term, we are focusing on Alliteration which is where two or more words start with the same sound

  • Sing the 'Alliteration Song' below.
  • Have a look at the 'A Sound' sheet below.
    • Can you name all of the pictures?
    • What sound do all of the pictures start with?
    • Can you think of anything else that begins with that sound? Can you draw a picture of this?

Mark Making

If you are beginning to do so please remember to practise to copy the letters in your name. For everyone else, please practising drawing anticlockwise circles and lines with pencils, crayons, chalk, sand and a stick, paint or water and paintbrushes. This helps us to develop our muscles so that we can begin to write when we are ready.

Have a look at the webpage below to remind yourself of some of the large circles we have done in class before.

Talk Time

This week's Talk Time is all about our favourite things. Talk to your grown-up about the different things that you can drink and what your favourite one is. Try to use the sentence starter "my favourite drink is..." or "I like...".

Learning Break Ideas

Play the game of 'Simon says' but change it to yours or your grown-ups name.

  • Get your grown-up to say different actions and then you have to complete these.
  • After a while you can swap over with your grown-up and say actions that they need to complete.
    • Can complete all of the actions they have said to do?
    • Can you speak in a full sentence when thinking of your own ideas?