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Summer Term Geography Topic

Week commencing 01.06.20

This week I want you to have a look at another country- Brasil. 

Can you compare Brasil and Enland. How do our countries differ? What can you find out? Remember to search safely if you are searching online by using Safe search kids. You can present your work in any way you want. You could do a poster,  leaflet or even a model. It's up to you. 

Week commencing 25.05.20

Half term week- Home learning activity pack

Week commencing 18.05.20

This week I want you to have a go at making your own map. You can make your map of somewhere that you have been for a walk or even of your garden if you are still not able to get out. I have included a couple of activities that you can print off and play to help you understand map symbols. 

Remember to add a compass to your map to show North, South, East and West. Can you make up a silly rhyme to help you remember them? This is mine. Never, Eat, Shredded,  Wheat 


As always, remember to email your wonderful work to Mrs Hawkridge and I. 


Week commencing 11.5.20

This week, we will be building our knowledge of the UK and looking at towns/ cities and the county. We will be paying particular attention to what types of things you wuld see in these places and comparing them. 

Can you think about where you live. Do you live in a town or in the country? What makes you think this? 

Have a go at this sheet after looking at the presentation. If you don't have a printer, don't worry. You can fold a piece of paper in half and draw a town on one side and the country on the other and then label them.

Week commencing 4.5.20

Book Week

Week commencing 27.4.20

Following on from last week, this week I want you to choose one country from the UK and create a fact sheet or booklet about it. 

1) Draw the flag. (You can choose how you want to do this. You could draw, paint or collage a flag)

2) Find out what the capital city is.

3) Write two interesting facts about your country. Remember to use safe search kids to find your information. 

4)Use Google Earth (with an adult) to fly over the country.

5) Imagine you are in a hot air balloon.  What can you see? What do you notice when looking from above?
(locations, landmarks or interesting human/physical points, shops, forests, parks, churches, railways, rivers) 


Week commencing 20.4.20

In year 1 we learn about the different countries that make up the UK and the four main seas that surround us. This week I want you to use the link below to learn about the UK and then have a go at labelling a map of the UK. Can you also find out what the capital cities of each country are? You could also use chalk to draw an outline of the UK outside then label the countries. You could jump from one country to another! Next week I will be asking you to learn about the seas that surround us too. 

Blank maps of the UK