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Week beginning 06/07/20


We are carrying on with the UK topic and counties. Using an atlas, can your child identify which counties are where? Can they tell you what a county is? How does the UK compare with the Caribbean? Can they find it on a map?


Week Beginning 29/06/20


Last week we started a new topic - the UK. Life in the UK has changed a lot over the decades, watch the Powerpoint presentation and find out how people have changed the way land is used. Fill in the sheet so you can compare the past and the present.



Week Beginning 15/06/20


This week we are going to move on to a new kind of habitat - Deserts! Use the internet to find out where is the world the deserts are. Pick an animal (or 2 or 3!) from the pack and fill in the fact sheets about them. Can you spot everything on the Desert Poster? 

Week Beginning 08/06/20


This week we are going to be looking at volcanoes. Use the internet to research and find the answers to these activities.

Week beginning 18/05/20


This is the last week of our Rainforests topic - I've been impressed with the work you have done! This week we are looking at the weather.

Week beginning 11/05/20


Last week we set you the task of mapping where in the world you would find Rainforests. This week we are going to look at the Amazon rainforest. Check your email to see which pages you need to have a go at.