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Half Term 1

In the first Autumn half  term, we have been looking at trying to extend our sentences by using a wider range of conjunctions, as well as using prepositions and adverbs. We looked at verbs and what the present perfect tense was and when we use this.

Half Term 2

In the second Autumn half term, we looked at different types of nouns and how we could use pronouns to avoid repetition. We also looked at using fronted adverbials in our writing.

Sorting different types of nouns.

We have been looking at different word types. Here we have been learning about all the different types of nouns. We has fun sorting them correctly.

Half Term 3 and 4

In the spring term, we learnt how to use apostrophes for belonging and how to use them correctly in our writing. We learnt about direct and indirect speech in our newspapers work and we also learnt how to use extended noun phrases with prepositions.