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Half Term 1

We are starting our grammar sessions by looking at how we can extend our sentences. We have learnt what a main and subordinate clause is and how we can write a subordinate clause by using a subordinating conjunction. We have also been learning about different tenses and what the present perfect tense is.

We also looked at how we could use adverbs to extend sentences. We made sure we knew what verbs, adjectives , nouns and adverbs were too.

We have been learning how to use the present perfect tense.

Half Term 2

In the second Autumn half term, We looked at how to use paragraphs in our writing. We looked at different types of nouns and how we could use pronouns to avoid repetition. We also looked at using fronted adverbials in our writing.

We have been looking at when we use paragraphs in fiction and non-fiction texts.

Sorting different types of nouns.

We have been looking at different word types. Here we have been learning about all the different types of nouns. We has fun sorting them correctly.

We identified pronouns in sentences and looked at what job it does. We improved sentences by using pronouns instead of the nouns all the time.

Half Term 3 and 4

In the spring term, we learnt how to use apostrophes for belonging and how to use them correctly in our writing. We learnt about direct and indirect speech in our newspapers work and we also learnt how to use extended noun phrases with prepositions. 

We looked at what determiners were and what was included in a noun phrase. then we wrote some of our own.

Half term 5

we spent lots of time looking at root words and suffixes and practicing spelling patterns of them. Here is a few examples of our work.

Root words and suffixes

We also looked at using standard English and corrected some grammatical mistakes.