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Growing Plants

We will leant what plants need in order to grow, thrive and survive. We will explore the life cycles of various plants that grow from seeds and bulbs and investigate how they change as they grow and develop.

12 April 2021


Our first lesson was looking at seeds and seed packets and establishing what can be learned from them and how best to plant and grow different seed types. We researched different types of plants and designed our own seed packets using the information we found.  We also planted some of the seeds we looked at so that we can watch them grow over the next few weeks.

13 April 2021


Today, we learnt about bulbs: their large food source, and the times of year at which they grow. We planted our own daffodil bulbs in a transparent container so that we can watch them grow.

We can't wait to see our bulbs start to grow!

15 April 2021


Today we learnt about fruits: The seeds they contain and some ways in which they are dispersed.  We looked at a variety of fruits and predicted how many seeds they contained.  We then dissected the fruit to count or estimate the actual number of seeds.  We then discussed why some fruits have more than one seed.

We enjoyed investigating different fruits to see how many seeds they have.

We particularly enjoyed eating the fruit!

19 April 2021


Today, we learnt about germination.  We discussed these questions:-


Do seeds need light in order to germinate?

Do seeds need water in order to germinate?


We set up experiments, making sure it was a fair test. We have to check our seeds every day for ten days and count how many seeds have sprouted.  We will then know the answer to these questions.

21 April 2021

Today we considered how plants change over time.  We have been watching our seeds and bulbs grow over the last 2 weeks so we were able to discuss what happened at each stage.