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We are working really hard in class to try and make our handwriting better. The children will practise their handwriting during the week at school. We are having a big push on forming our letter correctly. 


First let's remind ourselves of the different handwriting families. 

Before we start our handwriting, remember it is important to warm our fingers up. Here are a few different  exercises to try today. 

Finger Aerobics

Try finger aerombic exercises to warm up the fingers before a writing task. This is an easy fine motor activity that the whole classroom can participate in. ...

Today, choose a different 5 words from the Year 1 list. 

Have a go at writing the words carefully, making sure you are forming them correctly. 



Are your giraffe letters tall?

Do your cat letters dig below the line?

Do you alligator letters sit neatly on the line and come halfway up? 



Can you write a couple of sentences using the words that you have been practising? 

Remember to email your work to me at so that I can give you feedback and I can also add it to our gallery.