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This term, we are looking at a brand new topic called Mining in the Local Area. For the next few weeks, we will be looking at how mining was a way of life for people in Barnsley, researching the Oaks disaster and sequencing the events of it, to understand and empathise with people's points of view with regards to the disaster and to know why we have memorials in place.


For today's lesson, look at the map of Barnsley and plot the location of several mines or write them in a paragraph in your book. You will have to use Google to find where they were as we would've looked at this altogether in class. Use the Knowledge Organiser to help you too. Do you recognise places? Grimethorpe? Explain that people lived where the mines were as it was a good job, Dads and some children worked in the mine, Mums looked after the home and family. Watch the videoclip to find out more about it. Your task today is to write about the different jobs people did, including the children.