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Victorian Schools


In the beginning of the Victorian times, children did not have to go to school but in in 1880, a law was passed that meant that all children would go to school until they were at least 10 years old.

However, schools were very different than they are today. 

read the powerpoint about schools below.

Have a look at this video about How Victorian schools used to be then have a go at a few activities that might happen in Victorian schools.

fingernail inspection - Are they clean?  This happened every morning!

Arithmetic - chant your 7 x tables forwards and backwards  for 5 minutes

Handwriting - try to write in the old Victorian style

Literacy - practice reciting this poem

Drill - practice this exercises

End of day- learn the national anthem or Lord's Prayer by heart


Then write up a report explaining how school day today and in Victorian times are different and explain which you you would rather be in and why. you don't need to photocopy anything - you can do it all in your book.