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History - Victorian crime and punishment


At the beginning of the Victorian times, there was lots of crime and there was no Police force in England. So in 1929 man named Sir Robert Peel introduce the first police force. They were called 'the Peelers' or 'the Bobbies' (as Bob is used for a shorter name of Robert.) However, the punishments were very different that today. Read the Powerpoint and watch this video to find out more.



After finding out more about Victorian crime and punishment, can you write a report about the differences from today and Victorian times. you can add pictures if you want and you can do it on the computer if you like.


Extra challenges/ homework 

Can you write a job advert for a Peeler? what qualities do you think you will need?

Can you write a report about what you have learnt about Victorian times.  Remember to have different headings.

find out about an area of the Victorians we haven't looked at and report back.

some ideas - houses, clothes, transport, holidays, famous person.