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Today we want to think about all the different people who were involved in the Oaks Disaster. Have another look at the sheet from last lesson - who can you see? 


I see miners, wives and children of the miners. From our work last lesson I know that there were also lots of people there trying to rescue miners. There were so many volunteer rescuers that some had to be sent away! There were mine bosses and engineers.


All these people will have had different thoughts and ideas about what was going on. Your task is to choose 3 different people and write a paragraph about what they think about the disaster.


Try to chose people with different opinions. Think about the bosses - do they feel responsible for the disaster? The engineers - what is their job in this situation? The wife of a miner - has her husband survived? The volunteers - they are going to go into a place they know is dangerous - why?


I look forward to seeing your paragraphs and ideas of the people's viewpoints.