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Today we are going to think about why it is important for us to have been learning about the Oaks Disaster. Why do you think it is part of our curriculum? What does learning about it do for us? 


All around Barnsley there are monuments to help us remember important events. Can you think of any you have seen? 


There are 3 specifically related to the Oaks Disaster that we will look at today.  

Barnsley Main Colliery

Rescuers Memorial

Which of these 3 monuments do you like best? Why? Have you ever seen them before? If you have then please send us a photo! 


Your last task is to plot the 3 monuments on the map of Barnsley.


Are there any mining monuments close to where you live? Can you find out what they are there to help us to remember? If they are close enough can you take a picture of yourself with them on your daily exercise walk?