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JM Turner

We learnt about the life of JMW Turner and looked closely at his paintings. We used these to complete our own artwork in the style of his artwork. 


Lesson 1


In this lesson we discussed creating our own piece of artwork based on the paintings of JMW Turner

We learnt that when painting a picture we need to start with the background and then we can add on the foreground.  

To help us with this, we looked carefully at paintings by Turner and then also photos of storm clouds. We looked at how the colours change in certain parts with lighter and darker areas. 

Using a technique called sponging we created the sky. We learnt that if you use a whole sponge it just creates blocks of colour, but if you pinch parts out of it of use the corners then it’s easier to get the right effect. You can also mix and layer the various colours to make it more cloud-like. 


Lesson 2


We looked carefully at paintings by Turner and discussed the different styles from rowing boats to cargo ships. We also looked at other pictures and photos of ships from the era and discussed certain features: made of strips of wood, masts, sails, rudder, flags etc.

First we chose what type of boat/ ship we wanted to include. Then we drew it using sketching, thinking carefully  how to hold the pencil, how hard to press etc. Finally we use water colours to paint our boats. 


Lesson 3


Finally we used a range of brush strokes to create the sea.  We started at the crest of the wave with a base colour and brought it downwards then repeated it, bringing it down in different directions using a range of long and short brush strokes.

Then we went over the top of it in a lighter or darker colour to create a range of shades and effects. Before it dried we used a fresh brush and dabbed the crests lightly with white to create a sea spray effect.

We practised this first before completing our paintings.