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Learning Break and Exercise Ideas

In your learning breaks get plenty of exercise and if you have a garden then make sure you get some fresh air too.

Try out different ways of moving:

  • Can you walk on your tiptoes?
  • Can you skip?
  • Can you hop?
  • Can you stamp and march?
  • Can you jump?
  • Can you balance on one leg? 
  • Can you jog?
  • How many star jumps can you do?

Try using different apparatus:

  • Ask an adult to practise throwing and catching a ball with you.
  • Try aiming a ball at a target i.e. can you throw a ball into a bucket?
  • Can you bounce a ball?
  • Can you skip with a rope?

Online activities:

  • Try out the Cosmic Kids Yoga website
  • Joe Wicks online P.E. lessons are great - give them a try.