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Literacy - Big Read

An explanation!  I have put some slides together for you to look at.  Part way through the slides you need to pause them and then listen to the book being read.  You can then go back to the slides.


There is an activity in a word document - you don't need to print it - you can discuss it with your child.


I have put a version of the story for pleasure - which doesn't have me asking any questions - for your child to watch if they want to hear the story again.


Finally, at the end of our Big Read sessions we share a book for pleasure, where I don't ask any questions or make comments!  I have attached a copy of Lost and Found.  I hope that your child enjoys listening to it.  

Big Read - The Way Back Home - Oliver Jeffers

The Way Back Home

Here I am reading the book and asking questions as we go through the story.

Activities - you don't need to print this out - you can discuss it

📚 THE WAY BACK HOME - Oliver Jeffers

A copy of the book being read - without me asking questions

Lost and Found By Oliver Jeffers

To buy the book: and Found is a story about friendship that will please children and grown-ups alike. I am a huge Oliver Jeffers'...