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Week commencing 6 April


Here are some Easter literacy activities for you to have a go at.  I have also found some Easter reading comprehensions with answers so that mums and dads can mark them for you.  


I am checking Bug Club every day, replying to your answers to some of the questions and making sure you have enough books in your library.  

Week commencing 30 March



I have updated all the books on Bug Club.  You should all have a set of new books now on your account.  If you run out of books please let me know.  I will be checking your accounts regularly.  Remember to answer all the bug questions.  There are some questions that require an answer to be typed in.  I will be checking these answers and sending you a message to let you know if you've got them right.  Look out for an envelope appearing on your home page.


When you've read a book write a book review.  Remember we wrote book reviews in class.  In case you've forgotten what to include here's an example of one. 



Continue to use phonics play to practise the different sounds we have learnt this year.  Remember at the start of phonics we always played flashcards and tried to beat our score or time.  Make a note of your score or time depending on the game you play and see if you can beat it each day.  Choose a new sound a day to practise.  Remember to also practise spelling the words as well as reading.


I sent home your sheet of tricky words to practise reading and spelling.  Continue to do this each day.  Here are the year 1/2 and 3/4 word sheets in case you have lost yours.


Not coming to school and working from home is very different and something you will always remember.  Why not keep a diary about your experience.  You could write an entry each day or maybe a weekly one.  Write about what you did each day, what went well and what could have gone better.  Don't forget to write about how you are feeling.  When things get back to normal (and they will), you can bring your diaries in to show me.  This is different for everyone and I would love to hear about the things you got up to without me.  Try and use some of the skills we have been learning in class this year so far.


Here's an entry from my diary...

Week commencing 23rd March



All the children have their own username and password for Bug Club, which they can access at home to practise their reading.  I have also put a link to some reading comprehensions, called 60-second reads, on the website on the Year 2 page.  You can access these by clicking on the literacy icon and then look in reading.



Use Phonics Play to practise different phonics games for each phase. 

Access to Phonics Play is free during the school closures, use the login details which are displayed on the homepage.


Children can also have their tricky word spelling sheet and I have already sent home a booklet of spellings for Phase 3 and 5 which they could practise.



Your child could practise their writing by writing a description of one of the characters from their reading book.  They could write their own story or write a set of instructions on how to bake buns or make a sandwich.  They could even write you a shopping list before your go to the supermarket.  I have put an example of a book review on the Year 2 class page under reading as well so that when your child has read a book they can write about it.