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Today you are going to write a book review on 'Sepron the Sea Serpent'. The sheets are attached below - make sure you chose the right one for your group. I have attached the video of me reading chapter 9 and 10. Listen to it first so you have a good idea of the climax of the story. 


Group 1/2A - Write your book review, try to explain why this book is exciting and makes you feel tense sometimes. 


Group 2B/2C - In your review I would like you to add some examples of the way the author has built the mood and created tension. We looked at this in our writing when we did mystery stories. To do this you will need to pause the video and look at the text, choose a phrase you think builds tension and write it in. This can go in the sections about plot or character or your opinion. I need to see at least 3 pieces of text from the book somewhere in your review.


For example -I really enjoyed this story because in chapter nine is says 'Elenna's eyes widened in horror.' The author is showing us how Elenna's body is reacting so we can understand and feel her terror. This builds the tension which made it enjoyable to read.