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Today and tomorrow we are going to create a double page spread explaining Why Rationing was used in the war and how it was used and encouraged.


Today we are going to concentrate on page one- All about Rationing - so we need to write the first 3 paragraphs ( don't worry if you go onto the second page or third, the work should be numerous pages.)


Paragraph 1- What is rationing? - You should have created your plans yesterday but with the help of you guys I have helped by putting a plan up as well as an example paragraph.


Paragraph 2- All about ration books- what were they- how were they used? Any differences in the books.



Paragraph 3 - What items were rationed? Give me examples and tell me why these items needed to be rationed.


Tomorrow we will write the last 2 paragraphs - 


Good look today - I can't wait to be amazed by the high quality writing.