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If we can dream it ... we can do it!


Good Morning everyone - it's exciting today because we are going to be able to talk about this lesson LIVE!!! 


Your task before we go live at 11am is to watch the video and have a go at the matching activity below. We will go over it together and talk about the different ways adverts try to persuade you.


After our chat I'd like group 1 and 2A to think of 1 advert you've seen that has persuaded you to buy something. Group 2B to think of 3 adverts that you think have one of the techniques in and write it down. Group 2C can you think of 5 adverts please. Have they got more than 1 technique? You can print the advert and stick it in your book or draw it in if that's easier.


We are having a huge push on presentation this half term - we know you can do it! Neat handwriting, writing sitting on the line, finger spaces, titles underlined, long date for literacy. Hopefully we will be back in school in a couple of weeks so show me your best for every lesson please!