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Today, we will be looking at superlatives and comparatives – focussing on er and est words. We haven't looked at these this year but I'm sure you will remember some from previous years, e.g. bigger, biggest, smaller smallest. The video explains it in more detail.

Slogans and alliterations for various healthy foods are looked at in the video, also looking at usings puns and rhymes to help us remember the catchy slogans.


I would like you to answer the questions as the videos progresses. At the end, you are required to write your own slogans for a healthy food bar created "earlier" in the unit. We haven't done this so please don't worry that you've missed something!!! Think about a healthy bar or snack that you could create yourself - what slogans could you have to help sell your product? Write at least 3 in your books. You will need these for the big write tomorrow!