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Big Read - focus - to retrieve - I can retrieve answers to questions using the text.


Spinderella by Julia Donaldson


Discuss the meaning of the following words with your child before you play the Youtube video which shares the Spinderella story.  



  • complained
  • captain
  • jealous
  • corridor
  • terror
  • wailed

Spinderella Book Read Aloud For KIDS!

Spinderella written by Julia Donaldson You can purchase the book following this link! Make Sure to Give this Video a Big Thumbs Up!👍🏻...

Go back and find the answers to these questions in the book.  Remember it isn't about remembering the answers - you need to look at the right page in the book and find the answers in the text.


What were the children eating for their dinner?


What were the spiders eating for their dinner?


What did the spiders say as they swung down to watch the football match?


Who was the fastest runner?



Can you think of a question to ask your grown up about a part of the story you enjoyed?