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Verbs and Nouns


We have been learning about verbs - action/doing words and nouns - a naming word.


This week we are going to write sentences that have a verb and a noun.


Have a look at the slides.   




Use the pictures below to help you write sentences that have a verb and a noun. 

Underline the verb and the noun.


Here are my examples.


My friends are sleeping.  Friends - noun, sleeping - verb.


The boys and girls are playing football.  Boys and girls - noun, playing - verb.


Sarah was swimming in the pool.  Sarah and pool - nouns, swimming - verb.


If your child is finding it difficult to write a sentence get them to say the sentence.  You can then write it for them, cut up the sentence into words, get your child to put the sentence back in order and then they can copy it.  Encourage them to read it back.    


Challenge - can you use a verb that isn't in the pictures to write a sentence?