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Big Write

Today in Big Write we will be writing sentences about autumn. You can look at the powerpoint to give you some ideas of the changes that happen in autumn and the kinds of things that you could write about. 


To start with you could ask an adult to write a sentence for you. Read it together then cut it up. Can you put the sentence back in order?


Remember that every sentence starts with a capital letter and needs to end with a full stop. 


Look at my sentences. Can you check that I have used capital letters and full stops? 

Goodness me! I forgot my capital letters and full stops. It's a good job I remembered to read them back. When you are finished writing, don't forget to read your sentences back to check for mistakes like me. 

I have corrected my sentences now. 

​​​​​​​I have used 'and' to join two ideas in one of my sentences. Can you challenge yourself today to use and in at least one of your sentences?


Here are some things that we use in class that may help you with your writing. Don't forget to choose sensible sounds and also to spell our tricky words correctly. 


When you have finished writing and you have read your sentences to check them, you could decorate your writing with pictures of autumn time. 


Send your work to either Mrs Ledger or Mrs Hawkridge today.