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This term our class author is Jill Murphy. One of my favourite Jill Murphy books to read with the children is, 'On the way Home'. It is a story about a little girl who tells lots of different tales to her friends that she meets on her way home from school. 


If you have this story at home, you can read your copy with an adult or you can listen to story time on the You Tube link below. Listen carefully because I will be asking you to draw a story map today so that you can retell the story using your own words. 

On the way home - Books Alive! Read Aloud book for kids

Books Alive! Read aloud the classic On the way home by Jill Murphy, Claire has hurt her knee but how? listen to her fantastical stories she tells her friends...

Now you have listened to the stories Claire told, I want you to draw a story map so that you can retell the story. 

If we were in school we would be adding actions to help us remember the story as well. See if you can make up some actions at home to help you remember the story. I would love to see this- don't forget to email me.


I read the story with Annie at the weekend and then I drew a story map. We had a go at retelling the story together using my story map. You can use mine to help you if you want. 

Tomorrow, I will be asking you to think about the stories that Claire tells in the book and we will be making up our own stories using different characters. You could be having a think about what you would like to encounter. It cold be an alien, a giraffe, an elephant or anything you want it to be!